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If you live in a qualifying postcode area, you can have your walls and loft insulated, 100% free of charge.

Insulation Grants form an integral part of the Governments ECO Scheme (Energy Company Obligation) which was introduced in 2013. As part of the EU, the UK needs to reduce its housing stocks carbon emissions. Free cavity wall and loft insulation plays a major part in this and it's fully funded by the 'Big Six' energy suppliers.

As long as you are a home owner, private tenant or landlord, you can apply for a free cavity wall or loft insulation grant. There is no charge, you do not have to re-pay the money back at any time and it is not to be confused with a 'Green Deal Loan'.

If your property sits within a qualifying area, was built after 1920 and has a 'Cavity Wall', there is a high chance that is can be insulated. We can arrange for a local, fully approved company to contact you to arrange a free survey of your home. If you have less than 50mm of loft insulation, you can also have it topped up to building standards (270mm). By insulating your walls and loft, you can save up to £350 per year on your bills!

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI), is the process of blowing a highly efficient material such as a thermal bead or wool in to the gaps between the two skins of brick around a property and a recent change to the Governments ECO Scheme means that it is now free, for many postcode areas in the UK.

Cavity Wall Insulation can save up to around £250 on your energy bills.

What is Loft Insulation?

Loft Insulation is highly efficient, wool'like material. This material is cross-layed over the joists in your roof space to create a thermal barrier. As you know, heat rises, so the loft insulation retains the heat within your home.

Many homes have little, to no loft insulation. If your home qualifies, you can it topped up to 270mm which is the current regulations.

Will My Property Qualify For Free?

This depends on the type of property which have, how old it is and if you live in a qualifying area. Many properties throughout the UK have already had their walls insulated, so, your may be done already.

After completing our form, we'll contact you and ask some basic questions about your home to determine if it can be insulated or not. We'll then arrange for a local company to carry our a free survey and move forward with the installation.


We work alongside a network of approved and fully insured companies on a Nationwide scale. Our hassle free system allows users to check if their area qualifies for free insulation, if it does, we will then contact you to ask some simple questions about your home. If your property is likely to qualify, we'll then arrange for a Green Deal Approved installer to contact you and they will be able to assist you with your free home insulation.

We've helped over 50,000 people access grants, and we're really proud of it.

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